Since the end of the 19th century the Nord Hotel in Cortina based its roots, when a simple �osteria� has been opened, today Hotel Des Alpes, by the Ghedina’s Family “de Justina” (family nikname which comes from Titta de Iustina from Alver� 1702-1762). The head of the family Giuseppe was an excellent craftsman which worked the silver filigree, goldsmith art imported from the far East by the venecian merchant. From middle of the 1700 to the beginning of the 1900 the cratfsmen of Cortina improved an excellent grade of perfection, which received an international good review. After the World War Massimiliano’s son renewed home, today Hotel Des Alpes, continued what his father did and he married Giuditta Menardi �S�la� whose family was a dealer family. He had a further energy and he started to offer accommodation to the tourist coming to Cortina and especially to the patient’s relatives of the Codivilla Hospital. They came from all over Italy cause particular cures they could had been taken. With the development of the tourism the Ghedina’s Family started to organize a better hospitality and to offer a simple service with a café for the tourist were on the through road.

During the Second World War, the Hotel was a school and further again a military control site, at first german then american and at last italian control site. After the end of the war Giuditta was widow, but the sons gave her the strength to continue and the old locanda “Villa alla Verra” bacame the Hotel Des Alpes.

On occasion of the Olympic Winter Games � our house hosted the finnish team – the house was completely renovated and expanded. In 1956 the hotel received a good review from the Tourist Board of the Province of Belluno.
After the Olympic Games started the Nord Hotel story. Massimiliano and Giuditta’s sons named Gino and Giovanni and their wives Alda and Giulia, had a brillant intuition. They decided to build a new hotel, the Nord Hotel. In the summer time of 1958 the Nord Hotel opened afterwards year by year it has been renovated, growing up until the current lodgment. Giovanni’s sons are now the managers keeping on going further with their family tradition.